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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some updates, a bit of editor rejection, and the phone keeps saying it's charged -

 - when I know very well it isn't!

Right, so I added a couple of pages to the thing.  As aforementioned, the 'extras' page holds unedited comics that were changed for the sake of the paper.  That page will also be giving way to its first 'reject' comic, which would have been published in The Bison this Friday, save the supervising editor felt that certain aspects of the cartoon didn't relate to Homecoming, so they're going to publish a back-up instead.  Probably one of Amanda Pruitt's "Harding Squirrels" or maybe the guy who was doing the "Life Lessons" comic last year.

At the same time, I felt that I was following guidelines that were set by the graphics editor, and I had no intention of referencing the opposing team at all.  The point was to point fun at the Homecoming traditions and ask, "what if?"  What if the crowning of homecoming queen was absurdly interrupted by a crazy random happenstance that took everyone off guard?  The people who decided to go buy a hotdog and a coke instead of watching the crowning ceremony would wish that they hadn't left the stands, because all their friends would be talking about it.

Anyway . . .
The second page that was added serves my fetish for random nerdiness while helping out the so-called 1% of Harding Linux users (Linux Mint and Ubuntu mainly.  I use Ubuntu, so there.  Though I'm starting to want to try Arch...). It's basically just a tutorial for accessing your m-drive from your computer.  Astoundingly, most Windows and Mac users I've talked to didn't even know you could access the m-drive from a personal computer.  There is a tutorial on Dormnet's PBWiki for you other people not utilizing the freedom of open-source-edness.

Dumb phone.

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