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Monday, October 11, 2010

Lemme get this straight...

Right, since the start of this blog, I haven't actually paid that much attention to the goings on of the Ubuntu community and so forth.  In fact, if I was you, I'd probably check out OMG! Ubuntu instead of this infrequently updated blog.

With that in mind, I'd like to re-dedicate this site mostly exclusively to my comics and maybe one or two posts about something different, like some crazy game.  At some point I'll learn some real html and make this comic blog real spiffy, but not now.

As a glimpse, I've been cartooning pseudo-professionally for our school newspaper for actual money, which is pretty cool.  It puts ramen noodles on the table.  I'll be posting those here, as well as some random stuff that doesn't really fit in the opinions column of the paper, but needed to be done anyway.  Keep in mind the newspaper comics contain some inside material, which can get pretty obscure for you people who don't go to college, or just don't go to Hading University.  Maybe you should just pay a visit.

I'll post this week's comic on Friday, and post previous comics on the Fridays when the school doesn't put out a paper.  After that, we'll have at some of the less exclusive stuff.


EDIT> Hey, there is now a really nice link up there on the bar thing that goes straight to the newspaper comics that I do for The Bison.  You should really check that out.  I'm posting the first three right now and #4 on Friday.

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