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Saturday, June 19, 2010

[DIY] HDD wind chimes ftw

Since a recent article on Lifehacker, I have been trying to make my own hard drive wind chime.  My first was kind of a dud - it made pretty noise, but only when it wasn't all tangled up.  It also did not utilize the platters from the hdd, just the separators and other parts.  Unsatisfied, I went back to the link in the Lifehacker article only to find that the link had died.
So I went and googled the topic, and found another diy on Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories that called for eight 3.5" platters and one 5.25" platter.  Yay!
This is the example from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

I only had five 3.5" platters and nothing bigger, so I took the instructions and made my own version.  The one from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories is much more elaborate, but I feel I did a pretty good job compared to my previous fail.

I used -
(1) platter to tie everything to.
(5) platters to dangle in the breeze.
(3) little ring things that separate the platters when inside the drive
      regular fishing line (not your dad's 50-dollar 20lb-test line, mind you).
(1-2) shoelaces (I actually used a really long piece of coated wire).

STEP 1: Drill all the holes

I started with the platter everything was going to hang from.  Since I only had five platters and I wanted them all to hang, I took two DVDs with nothing important on them and hot-glued them together so the shiny data sides were facing out.  This makeshift platter was 4.75".
Since I like to be exact when I make stuff, I found the circumference of the platter and divided by 5.

3.14 x 4.75 = 14.915
which is approximately 15 inches.
So each hole had to be drilled 3" apart. I drilled each hole approx. 1/8" away from the outer edge of the platter (red dots on photo).

Then the three holes had to be drilled near the center of the platter for the little ring beaters.  I made 3 marks 5" apart on the edge of the platter and used a ruler to copy the marks to 1/4" from the center edge (green dots on photo).
[note] Drilling the holes made the dvd platter want to fall apart, but hanging the other platters from it fixed that problem.

Next, one hole was drilled into each of the other 5 platters at 1/8" away from the outer edge.

STEP 2: Tie it all together
Using the fishing line, each of the 5 platters was tied to their own hole on the outer edge of the 'master' platter.  I tied them at different lengths so that they would appear more aesthetic (aka it looks more awesome).

Then the 3 rings were each tied with fishing string from the 3 center holes.  I also tied them at different lengths so that they would beat on all the platters and make noise in the wind.  They are shown in the purple highlights in the photo over there. ->

STEP 3: Make it hang-able
In my case, I didn't drill the 3 center holes big enough to fit a shoelace through them so I could hang the windchime.  So I took a really long wire from my brother's old faulty power supply and was able to force it through the holes quite well.  I cut 1/3 of the wire off and put it through 1 of the 3 holes, and threaded the rest of the wire through the other 2 holes.  As I knotted them together, I adjusted the length of the wires so the windchime would hang level.  Then I braided the three 'leftovers' and knotted them into a loop at the top so it would could hang from a nail. For safety, I took a pliers and gently clamped/flattened the knots so they'd be less likely to fall apart.

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